I am still procrastinating on my studying. Instead, I made picadillo in the crock pot. I am so excited to try it out tonight and I hope the bf likes it too. It has olives in there, which he despises, but supposedly you can’t really taste them. We’ll see. I am also going to make some brown rice and a side salad to go with the meal. This is a healthier meal. Noms. I ate lunch but this is making me hungry again.

I am so relieved that my love does not mind doing the laundry. I absolutely DESPISE the chore. I much rather clean the bathroom. My brother called me the other day to give me some tips on living with a significant other for the first time and I am really going to take to heart the advice. I am going to do the grocery shopping, cooking, and bathroom cleaning while the bf does the dishes, takes out the garbage, and does the laundry. We are going to split up the dog walking duties. I walk my pup in the morning and afternoon and he walks the dog at night. I like the set up we have. Things might shift once I start studying frantically for the bar exam but for now, this works. We are still in the process of throwing out stuff and unpacking.


Classes done, finals…

Last week was my last week of attending classes FOREVER! Now it’s all about the finals prep period. I clearly am not excited about these next few weeks but I am drawing ever so close to actually being done with school. I then get to wear a cape like robe and a funny looking hat as I walk across the stage.

What a nice looking model, hehe.

Also, I have moved in with my love and am beyond ecstatic to start our lives together. My rough and tumbly pup is pretty happy to see his main male human all the time as well. I am nervous about this summer though since I will studying for the bar and my poor man is going to see me at my worst. Oy. I hope he still likes me after those brutal few months.

I bought a cast iron skillet and made a spaghetti with spicy tuna marinara sauce for dinner. Thankfully, the bf loved it even though I could taste the cast iron. This is what the recipe was supposed to look like:

Mine looked more like mush. I added some lemon juice, tabasco, oregano, black pepper, and used minced garlic out of the jar (I didn’t realize I was out of actual garlic bulbs).

Anyways, goals. I have unpacked a lot of my stuff but still need to put away my clothing. I should actually start studying for my finals and begin my 10k training plan once again. It is a struggle to be productive in the right way. Instead, I am procrastinating by being a homebody. I cleaned some of the apartment, walked the dog a few times, looked up dinner ideas, went grocery shopping, and cooked dinner. Argh, I need to focus on the important things, studying and unpacking my clothing. But all I want to do is make crockpot tomato sauce, eat, and look up more things to buy.


Five complete, one more to go

I only have one more semester left of law school. CRAZY! My immune system is still attempting to recover from the usual finals’ grind but soon I will be in tip-top shape again. For some reason, this semester’s reading period was especially brutal. I bet it’s because those long days leading up to finals are still fresh on my mind. If anyone saw me those last few days, they would have stepped back in horror. My body certainly hates winter, finals, and general stress.

Now that I basically have a month off, I am going to get back into running starting Monday. I miss it and still plan to run a marathon eventually. There are certain advantages to running…

Truth (Mostly).

Now that the semester has wrapped up, I am itching to go somewhere for winter break but due to the lack of funds, lack of plans, and lack of vacation time my bf has, I likely will not get to go anywhere. New Orleans is still on the itinerary for spring break though. I also plan to backpack somewhere in Europe for a few weeks after the bar exam. Those are some things I can look forward to. Ugh, I just want to travel the world. Dreams, dreams, dreams. Le sigh.

I think I have made up my mind to travel to one new country each year or so starting with my “after the bar exam” trip. I am excited to experience this. Now all I have to do is budget accordingly.


Lawyerly Duties

This year I was lotteried into the clinic I was hoping to to get into since I started law school. I was and still am grateful for the experience. After having an amazing year-long internship, it has been a struggle switching over to being an actual legal representative. The clinic is much more comprehensive, detailed, and generally slower. It has been overwhelming and exciting while at the same time, extremely time-consuming and emotionally-taxing.

I don’t have any particular reasons in writing this entry. I figured I should give an update here and there. Man, I am pooped. I want to crawl into bed and read a cheesy romance novel.


Loving love (warning: sappy overload)

I don’t know about any of you but sometimes I just need to get a good cry out of my system. Sometimes it might be my way of de-stressing. Other times it might simply be the hormones. Anyways, having a good cry typically wears me out and, for the most part, I feel better afterwards. Things I do to bring on the waterworks: watching silly love videos or movies. I wasn’t feeling any urge to cry today but I did thanks to this devastating video about a old couple’s love –>


For those who have ever felt this all-encompassing obsession called love, you tend to randomly remember why you love this person throughout the hours in your waking state. There is no rhyme or reason to when these emotions run through you. When your thoughts turn to this person, you can’t help but think, “My goodness. I am one lucky lucky person to have this other person love me this much too.” There’s a sense of comfort knowing that you have this other person (you think about constantly) that also thinks about you throughout the day. There’s a sense of comfort in knowing that this other person cannot wait to see you and hold you the same way you do. This video brought these emotions out and conveys how beautiful and tragic love is.

Insert relevant meme –> and no, I am not getting married/engaged so slow your horses down!




I am happy. I have moments of unhappiness but, for the most part, I am extremely happy. The biggest thing that has been dragging me down these past few years has been wiped out. First is a job. Second is my honey. He and I have made the decision to live together next year no matter what. Even if it takes us an hour+ to get to work, we are doing it. We’ve been together for over five years and by then, we will be going on six. We both agreed that the drive is much more doable compared to the current two+ hours (if we lived somewhere in the middle) and since both of us will be working, it just makes sense. This is it, to move forward.

Sometimes I randomly remember that I get to live with the love of my life next year and I just get this overwhelming feeling of pure glee. These past few years have been stressful thanks to the LDR but all those lonely nights are done done done in less than a year!

I would like to apologize to those who want to upchuck from this ridiculously love-filled post but I am just so happy.

Aaaand let’s make you feel more sick with the song below 😀




Woot! Woot! Come September of next year, I will be employed! Thank freaking goodness. I sent out 250 resumes and for some unknown reason, I only got four interviews but thankfully one of the three interviews I went to found me decent enough to hire. I am very relieved and extremely excited. I have no idea where I am going to live, how to take care of my precious dog, or how much gas I will be using for the commute but it is all worth it. I am officially hired! Exclamation marks everywhere! It’s just a one year gig and this one year gig is going to be a big step in the door to my forever job. I can’t wait. All I have to worry about now is to complete my last year, pass, and then pass the bar exam. I can do this! Wow, I would have never thought this would be my path. Life is nuts sometimes in a good way.

Now, I can do the happy dance to this song (even if I’m not making that much money):